Resilience Forum

COPs and Social Learning Theory
Friday 30 June - FREE
1.15pm – 3.00pm
Brunswick, Central Library,
Queen Street, Blackpool


Children and Young People's Mental Health
Thursday 6 July
8.30am - 4.30pm
Royal National Hotel, London


Free 2hr intro to resilience
Thur 27 Apr - Free

Intro to Resilient Therapy
Mon 15 May - Free/£120

Practitioner resilience
Tue 16 May - Free/£120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Fri 5 May - Free/£120

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Introduction to resilience
Mon 19 Jun - £120

Practitioner resilience
Mon 3 July - £120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Tue 26 Sep - £120

ARA intensive 3 day course
Mon 8-Wed 10 May - £300

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Resilience Framework CYP

Our research


Developing the Resilience Framework we first put together was our first big piece of research - we trawled through 1000s of books and articles to summarise the latest thinking on how best to promote resilience in, and with, children and families having a tricky time.

Now we've got various research projects on the go:

The Imagine Programme The Imagine Programme is a five-year project (2013-2017) which brings together different research projects working together across universities and their local communities.
Schools-based resilience Our schools-based resilience research adapts the Resilience Framework for use in schools and helps schools make resilient moves across the whole school community.
Community arts and resilience Our collaborative arts project explored resilience with young people with moderate learning disabilities and young people facing mental health challenges.

Evaluations of our RT Communities of Practice

Evaluation of aspects of our Resilience Learning Programme

Research on whether kinship carers can benefit from learning about RT

Research on how RT might be adapted for working with adults with complex difficulties

Resilience to re-offending: young men's tales of overcoming adversity

Embedding the Resilience Framework: A whole school approach through collaborative enquiry

We've also got another project in the pipe line that we're trying to get funding for which involves setting up and evaluating a community of practice for young people with complex needs. If you've got any dosh spare we'd welcome it!

By the way, other people have constructed websites which cover resilience research in some detail, so we don't see the point of repeating the information here. Lots of this work is about researching the ways in which resilient processes work and we have listed a few sources that we have found particularly interesting and helpful in the section on Other Resilience Research. But a word of warning - we have found that only a comparatively small amount of resilience research is concentrating on evaluating specific ways of trying to enhance resilience with those children, young people and families managing persistent difficulties and discrimination. So a gap exists!