Resilience Forum

COPs and Social Learning Theory
Friday 30 June - FREE
1.15pm – 3.00pm
Brunswick, Central Library,
Queen Street, Blackpool


Children and Young People's Mental Health
Thursday 6 July
8.30am - 4.30pm
Royal National Hotel, London


Free 2hr intro to resilience
Thur 27 Apr - Free

Intro to Resilient Therapy
Mon 15 May - Free/£120

Practitioner resilience
Tue 16 May - Free/£120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Fri 5 May - Free/£120

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Introduction to resilience
Mon 19 Jun - £120

Practitioner resilience
Mon 3 July - £120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Tue 26 Sep - £120

ARA intensive 3 day course
Mon 8-Wed 10 May - £300

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Resilience Framework CYP

The Insiders' Guide

– Parent carer support course tried and tested to build parent carer resilience


Parenting has got to be one of the hardest jobs there is – and it’s tougher when you have a child with additional needs such as a disability, special educational need, complex health or behaviour issue.  Would you apply for this job?

Insiders' Guide
is a series of 5 parent support courses focusing on what it means to parent a child with additional needs.

It aims to build parents' resilience and well being so they are well placed to enjoy the journey bringing up their children.

Insiders’ Guide came about because parents told us that they wanted time to reflect on their experience, meet up with others in a similar situation, gather information and learn new skills and strategies to cope with the added demands of caring for their children.

Parent carers share in common a unique range of experiences. They tell us that they need different types of support at different times. This course is one approach to supporting parents with the task and joy of raising their children and building resilience in the process, that we know works.

Designed to be jointly delivered by parents and practitioners, Insiders’ Guide models the capacity to work co-operatively together to create better outcomes for children, young people and families.

Certain to provide a return on your investment, Insiders’ Guide is popular with parents and practitioners, well evaluated (in 2006 and 2012) and the result of an ongoing collaboration between Kim Aumann, Carrie Britton, Amaze and Angie Hart, University of Brighton.

“Meeting other parents in the same situation was very supportive... I learnt more in a few weeks than in the last 3 years of trying to get help for my child.”

“At last! After 20 years working with different parent support courses where little change happens, in Insiders’ Guide we have a course that makes a visible and real difference for parent carers. It’s the best thing I’ve done and it’s been a privilege to take part in.” 

“Insiders’ Guide has enabled great skills development for practitioner facilitators, and helped to embed attitudes such as partnership working.” 
(Service Manager)

“Insiders’ Guide tallies closely with our organisations mission, ‘to inform, support and empower parents of children with disabilities and special needs’. We want parents’ voices to be heard and to build their confidence and resilience so they can support their children to lead happy and integrated lives, fulfilling their potential.” 
(Service Commissioner)

Download further information:

About Insiders’ Guide (pdf)
Background to Insiders’ Guide (pdf)
Facilitating Together – the Art of Co-delivering Insiders’ Guide (pdf)
Insiders’ Guide Course Costs (pdf)
Tried and Tested – Evaluations of Insiders’ Guide(pdf)

For enquiries about the course and training This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . And if you want to know more about the research and SROI evaluation, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .